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     Mickey's Men's Store was established in 1965 by Mickey Bruno. Mickey began working in the men's retail business for Carl Spragg in 1949. Later he worked for the Calvin Heasley family until he bought the business in 1965. At that time Mickey's was located on 8 West High Street. Mickey specialized in dress and casual clothing. Mickey's son John began working for his dad while he was attending Waynesburg College in the late 1960's. As soon as Mickey's daughter Victoria was old enough to work, she took a great interest in the family business.

     In 1979, Mickey decided to expand the business and moved across the street to a much larger location. That year and to this day, Mickey's Men's Store new location became 3 East High Street. Mickey's continued to carry dress and casual clothing, but now expanded to work clothing and boots. Mr. Fred Spragg, who was no stranger to the working man's clothing business , became a regular employee as well as Mickey's brother-in-law Bill Swan. Mickey Bruno worked everyday selling and tailoring clothing up to the year that he passed away in March 2004. The business was left to his children John and Vickie who are now carrying on the family business.

     Today Mickey's Men's Store, one of the oldest businesses in downtown Waynesburg, is still doing well. Even though Mickey's still sells dress clothing, the trend today is clothing for the blue collar worker. Mickey's sells a very large selection of Carhartt work and casual clothing, in fact some people refer to Mickey's as the Carhartt store. Their prices on Carhartt are usually lower, but never higher than other dealers. This year, 2009, Mickey's added Carhartt for women. They also carry a large selection of name brand work boots such as Carolina, La Crosse, Wolverine and Double H.

      Today with the coal miners and drillers Mickey's is selling more and more boots and e ven more Carhartt. In 2003, Kelly Dulaney joined John and Vickie as a regular employee. Kelly was definitely heaven sent. Although Mickey is no longer with us, he is with us in spirit every single day. Feel free to contact us by phone at 724-627-3202, or by fax at 724-627-0823!ad

Our Items


Double H and Timberland Pro Square Toe Safety Toe Boots $139.95 to $199.95

Timberland Pro Metguard Boots Starting at $274.95

Timberland Pro Metguard Boots Starting at $274.95

Timberland Pro Moisture Wicking Pocket Tees 

Ariat Caps

Carhartt for Spring and Summer 

New Carhartt for Spring and Summer 

Ariat Cotton Strong Pocket Tees 

Carhartt Logo Tees 

Ariat for Women 

Ariat Shirts for Spring and Summer 

New Ariat FR 

New Ariat boots


We now carry Ariat FR jeans and shirts

Carhartt FR Shirts

Carhartt jeans $34.95 every day

Largest selection of Carhartt clothing and the best prices! 

Large selection of high visibility clothing

Large selection and great prices on flame resistant clothing from Carhartt, Rasco, and Ariat


Levi jeans $42.95 every day


Muck boots


Matterhorn Metatarsal Boots 

Double H And Timberland Pro square toe safety toed boots  $159.95 and $199.95

Timberland Pro metatarsal boots starting at $174.94

Carolina metatarsal boots starting at $144.95


Large selection of Carhartt FR Clothing 


Rasco FR Clothing 
Carhartt and Timberland Pro Flannels 
Muck Plain Toe, Steel Toe, and Metguard Boots and LaCrosse Composite Toe, Composite Toe Metguard, Steel Toe Metguard 
Ariat Work Hog Safety Toe and Metguard Boots
Ariat and Double HH Western Boots 
Ariat Rough Neck FR Long Sleeve Tees
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3 East High Street

Waynesburg, PA 15370

(724) 627-3202



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